Celebrate yourself this month of July (A Card reading)

First self love message: “Celebrate yourself”

Second self love message: “I create my happiness”

Channeled message

Its time to celebrate yourself, you don't need to achieve something or anything to be celebrated, you don't need to do anything or meet your standards to be celebrated, you don't need to meet the societal standard to be celebrated.

You deserve to be celebrated for existing, you deserve to be celebrated for being you, you deserve to be celebrated for being human.

Celebrate yourself for being you, appreciating yourself for everything, for every growth & lesson, appreciate your loving heart, appreciate yourself for existing, appreciate yourself for all the times you gave yourself the love you deserve, appreciate yourself for being human, appreciate yourself for being the soft light the world needs.

Its time to create your happiness, its time to do what makes you happy, do things you love, listen it your joy and excitement, stop people pleasing.

Its time end situations that affects your peace and mental health, its time to get out of your own way and choose yourself first, Let go of patterns and habits that is unhealthy for you.

You are your happiness, happiness is already within you, you are happiness.

Choose thoughts and habits that encourages or brings more joy in your life. Do the simplest things that make you happy. Choose you and your happiness from today.

SELF LOVE SONG - “When I'm with you I'm the happiest, cuz you're the purpose of my happiness, I dedicate this song to you” by Curlybamm ft Jayy goin up- Song to you

p.s. I used my handmade self love affirmations and self love songs deck for my readings