7 steps to alchemising blocks that stops you from loving yourself fully

Alchemy is the art of transformation, inner liberation and change in our lives. In this blog post I’d be sharing 7 steps to alchemise blocks holding you back from loving yourself fully.

Transforming blocks into wisdom"

  1. Awareness: Identify the blocks(beliefs, feelings and thought patterns) that are holding you back from loving yourself fully and diving deeper into self love.

Journal prompts

  • What beliefs or stories are you holding on to, that stops you from loving yourself for who you truly are?
  • How do you feel about loving all parts of yourself?
  • How safe do you feel to receive love and compassion?
  • What thought patterns are you noticing here

2. Know the root cause: This is about digging deep to know where it all started from and also bringing awareness to the experiences that made to hold on to those beliefs. This step is not compulsory, not everyone would be able to remember the origin of their limiting beliefs and that is okay.

Journal prompts

  • When was the first time you felt unlovable? Who made you feel that way? Why?
  • Can you remember times you felt undeserving of love? Why?

3. Know what value you are placing on these beliefs: We subconsciously place value on our limiting beliefs because a part of us feels that these beliefs are protecting us from something. E.g. so you can hold on a belief stoping you from loving yourself fully and choosing yourself first because you feel it’s protecting you from getting to offend others or feel like a threat to others.

Journal Prompts

  • What value are you placing onto the limiting beliefs or blocks you listed above?

4. Feel the emotions that come up: Digging deep and identifying your limiting beliefs and root cause can bring up unpleasant memories and feelings. Don’t run away or neglect your feelings, validate your feelings by sitting and being present with yourself in this feeling. For healing and transformation to take place you need to feel. To feel is to heal.

5. Replace with new beliefs: It’s time to choose new and empowering beliefs that is in alignment with the kind of loving relationship you want to have with yourself.

Short Example
Old beliefs or feeling: I feel I don’t deserve love, I believe my true self doesn’t deserve love, I have to pretend to be someone I’m not to receive love, I believe my imperfections doesn’t
deserve my love.

Root cause: Times I was judged and felt neglected by my parents for being honest.

New beliefs: I deserve true love, I deserve to love myself fully, My imperfections are beautiful and lovable, my true self is worthy of love.

6. Use Affirmations: Turn your new beliefs into affirmations. The more you repeat them, the more you believe and then it becomes your truth.

7. Use EFT Tapping and meditation: You can use EFT tapping and meditation for deeper integration. This would help you rewire your mindset and shift your energy to the frequency of your new empowering beliefs.

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