5 blocks that can stop us from loving ourselves fully

Based on my self love journey, these are the blocks we would likely face when we want to dive deeper into self love i.e. love ourselves fully and unconditionally.

  1. Fear of becoming selfish: We can stop ourselves from loving all of who we are and choosing ourselves first because of the subconscious belief that “self love can make us selfish". This can be because we don’t know the true meaning of self-love.

Self love means building a healthy and loving relationship with ourselves and our bodies.

Self love has nothing to do selfishness.

Truth: Self love isn’t selfish and would never make you a selfish person, there is nothing wrong about caring for yourself and choosing yourself first. Also because it makes others uncomfortable doesn’t mean it is wrong. Self love makes us more loving and compassionate people because how we treat others shows in how we treat ourselves. By choosing yourself first, you are giving others space to choose themselves first too. You make the world a better place by choosing self love.

2. Fear of offending or losing others: It’s normal to trigger or offend people when you start making self love/ self care choices. Know that you’re not responsible for other people’s reaction to your self care choices like setting boundaries. Their reaction is just a projection of their own triggers or unhealed wounds, so you’re not responsible. Keep choosing yourself first, keep practicing self-love. Also know that emotionally healthy people would learn to respect your self-love choices.

3. Feeling unworthy of love and compassion: This is a feeling from a subconscious belief that we aren’t deserving of love and compassion. We created this belief at the times in our lives we felt rejected, abandoned, hurt and heart broken. Times were we were rejected for being our true selves.

Truth: You are worthy of love and compassion. Your true, natural and real self is deserving of love. You are worthy of your own love and all parts of you is worthy of your own love and compassion.

4. We believe we don’t have the capacity to love ourselves and hold space for our imperfections: This is a big one because we were never taught to love ourselves and we are always being judged for our imperfections, so loving our mess can feel overwhelming and scary which make us believe we don’t have the capacity to love all of who we are.

5. Fear of our shadows: We are afraid of shadows or ourselves because we think our shadows can control us. Also we believe loving and accepting our shadows can give it more power over us. So it then feels better to neglect them and just focus on our light.

Our shadows can be: Sadness, anger pain, emotional wound, fears and insecurities.

Truth: Loving our mess and shadows doesn’t give it power over us. Our shadows and mess comes to the surface so that it can be felt, loved and accepted and then be released so then we can access more of our light.

To feel is to heal. We’re not our shadows, they are just part of us that we want to upgrade.

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